I have a div class called “lunboOne” which contains a slider box with a unique id “slide-01” and a class “slider-wrapper.” Inside this slider box, I have multiple “li” tags with a class of “slider” that hold images with the class “slider-img.” These images are loaded from the URLs “http://img.mshishang.com/pics/2020/1218/1608254145560882.jpg.” In summary, I have a slideshow with multiple images contained within a div class named “lunboOne.” The slider box is responsible for transitioning between each slide, and each slide contains an image loaded from an external URL.Inside my div class “lunboOne,” I have a slider box with ID “slide-01” and class “slider-wrapper.” The slider box contains multiple “li” tags with class “slider,” each holding an image with the class “slider-img” loaded from external URLs “http://img.mshishang.com/pics/2020/1218/1608254145475282.jpg” and “http://img.mshishang.com/pics/2020/1218/1608254145165177.jpg” Moreover, I have two clickable buttons with the classes “prev-d” and “next-d” that allow me to navigate the slideshow. Ive also added two clickable objects with the classes “w-left” and “w-right” that perform the same function. In addition, my slideshow displays an informative text that helps me choose the best color of Hanfu. I learned that the color of my clothing and makeup is also vital factors to consider. For instance, red and orange are ideal colors for those with a darker or yellowish complexion.When it comes to clothing, I find that red is a standout color that brightens my complexion. Green is also a great option. On the other hand, pink, light blue, and pure white tend to make me look darker. Although many people say that purple is flattering for fair skin, I think its a noble and elegant color that requires a certain level of sophistication to pull off.

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